June 24, 2012

Gecko’s Grill and Pub on Hillview - Sarasota, FL

The food here is typical bar food and tends to be hit or miss. My favorite thing they serve is their "homemade" chips.

The last time I went I had the Pastrami Pretzel Roll which had the bun not looked like a pretzel I would not have know it was anything special and the pastrami didn't have much flavor (I kept thinking the sandwich needed more mustard). The time before I had the Chicken Panini Sandwich which was good, but way too greasy for me (do I really need my bread slathered in butter?!). The time before that I had the Cuban sandwich which was also good (though not a true Cuban), but my chips were the “bottom of the bag” crumbs and my husbands fish and chips were overpriced for frozen factory-produced fish pieces.

You are probably asking yourself why I keep going here if the food is only mediocre, well...I attend a social group which frequents Gecko's and the way I see it there are definitely worse choices ;-)

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