November 5, 2010

Fresh Indulgence

Small bakery/eatery on SE 3rd in Bend. A place I drove many time without even realizing it was there. I stopped in the other day to get a bit of lunch to-go. Its quite small inside with only one table to dine-in at with office type storage along the wall (a bit strange, but not uninviting either). I ordered their Pesto Chicken sandwich on sourdough which was a decent value at $7 but it doesn't come with any sides. The pesto was made with hazelnuts and had a unique and nutty flavor. The bread was only mildly sour...I like the tangy San Fran style stuff...but it went well with the other ingredients. The sandwich also had a few pieces of fresh spinach and provolone cheese on it. Though it was good it was nothing special, in other words, it was something I could easily make at home. I might go back to try some of their bakery treats, but I am not running back for their sandwiches.  

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