December 5, 2010

Tony's Delicatessen - Bend

I had been to Tony's before for their take 'n bake pizza, which is good, but nothing special. I went back today to try one of their Grinders (aka sandwich)...I had really been missing out!

I tried "The Adamonator" and my dining companion had the "Mario's Meatball."  My sandwich had a nice variety of Italian deli meats, with cheese, lettuce, and an amazing dressing. The meats were all very fresh, the sub roll they was served on was of the perfect thickness (not too much) and crispiness, and the dressing added a nice sweet oiliness. The meatball sub was served on the same roll with 4 nice sized meatball and a perfectly flavored, slightly chunky marinara sauce.  The sandwiches were served with potato salad, pasta salad, or coleslaw. I had the pasta salad which consisted of bowtie pasta in light and fresh oil based dressing with olives and slivers of zucchini. My companion had the coleslaw which was slightly sweet with a mild spiciness.

I definitely recommend Tony's Deli and have added them to my list of favorites in Bend.
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