January 15, 2011

Bourbon Street - Bend, OR

Located in downtown Bend, Bourbon Street is a fried food haven, at least for happy hour. We ordered the hush puppies, Crawfish Po'boy and a hamburger. The hush puppies we really good; not super crunchy with a nice cornmeal taste. They were served with a honey butter that added very little (except more fat). The Po'boy was served on a split baguette - the bread was chewy and not fresh, there was a minimal amount of crawfish pieces on the sandwich that were overwhelmed by the breading, the mayonnaise and what was supposed to be a tangy slaw (no way!).

The hamburger, while nothing special, was good and a steal at under $5. The hamburger and Po'boy were both served with sweet potato fries with a "Cajun" seasoning, which I think was just Old Bay. It made the fries too salty and over powered the sweet potato flavor. If you are just going in for a drink and some fried appetizers the place does have a nice atmosphere, though I am definitely disappointed that I can't say many good things about this place, especially being a southern girl myself :-(   

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