February 6, 2012

El Greco - Sarasota, FL

I used to really like El Greco and still enjoy some of their food, but the quality seems to have decreased over the years.  The pizza and calzones we ordered were loaded with toppings, though they were a bit overcooked.  The Greek Salad that comes with the Gyro Platter was large and tasty with all the toppings you would expect. However, the gyro meat itself was dry and the rice accompaniment was quite lacking in flavor (not to mention rice really doesn't go well with a gyro in my opinion). Furthermore, this used to be my go-to place for baklava in Sarasota, but what I received during my recent visit was really dry. We may go back for a pizza or I might give the baklava another try in hopes that I just had a bad piece, but I won't be running back very soon. 

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